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Happy Ending Francesca Duranti

Happy Ending

Francesca Duranti

ISBN : 9780434210732
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 About the Book 

I would give 3 1/2 stars. A stranger arrives on a Tuscan estate and everything changes for the wealthy Italian Santini family. This seductive stranger is the one who will throw everyone like dice and cause everything to rearrange itself into a new order. The story is narrated by Aldo, who has been on the inside with the family and also an avid spectator. He is matriarch Violantes trusted friend and has longed for her elder sons widow, Lavinia since he was a boy. With his humble beginnings he has used his desire for a more lavish life to become successful. He has been driven on by his hunger for the Santini family.Violantes purpose is to find the family member who can take on the role as head of the family when she is gone. The family gathering is the perfect time to weed out the weak and find the perfect successor. This is a novel of secrets, passions and changes. It is character driven, so if that isnt your cup of tea this novel wont work for you. I felt the writing flowed and the impact of decisions can change your life. Its a good story, I would have given four stars if the story crawled less.